eBook – Essential Touring Car RC Racer’s Guide (if you already own the Book)


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eBook (digital online product) – requires internet connection and web browser.

This eBook is only available to customers who have already purchased the physical book of the same name. If you have not purchased the physical book and only want to buy the eBook then this is not the right product for you (you want this one instead).

14-day Money Back Guarantee


Same Content as the Book

This eBook has the same content as the physical book (details and reviews here).

eBook Features

  • Requires a device with a web browser and internet connection.
  • Designed for computers, tablets and phones (Windows and Mac, iOS and Android, etc).

Features include:

  • Full-text search.
  • Annotate content including:
    o Highlight text.
    o Add your own notes to any text.
  • Annotations are available across all of your devices. I.e., make notes on your phone and they are available on your tablet and computer.

Licence details.

Delivery – If you only order an eBook, then order processing is automated and you will receive an email with access details within a few minutes of placing your order (check your junk mail). If you order a physical book at the same time then it must be manually processed. Orders with eBooks are prioritised and 98% are processed within 12 hours. If you wish to avoid this delay, you can place two orders, one for your eBook(s) and one for your physical book(s).

Proof of Physical Book Purchase

To qualify for this reduced price eBook you must have already purchased the physical book. Following purchase, you will receive your eBook as normal. However, if you purchased the physical book from another book store then we may ask you for proof of purchase (such as an invoice or photo of the book). If you haven’t purchased the physical book then we will cancel your order and refund your money.