eBook Licence

Essential Series RC eBooks

When writing my first RC book in the “Essential Series”, I spent a lot of time researching the best way to deliver it electronically. After a lot of investigation and testing, I decided that an eBook hosted on my website would provide the best user experience on mobile devices while minimising the chances of book piracy.

Licence and Guarantee

You have purchased a lifetime licence to access this eBook provided you do not share your login details with others (doing so may cause your licence to be revoked). Please encourage your friends to purchase their own copy. 

My vision is that you will always have access to this eBook wherever you may be, as long as you have a device with a web browser and internet connection. Of course, modern technology sometimes isn’t as reliable as we’d all like. So if it’s not what you’d expected, or you experience issues, you can contact us, and I would be pleased to exchange the eBook for the physical book within 14 days of purchase, should you wish.

Please keep a copy of the emailed purchase confirmation as proof of purchase.

Technical Requirements

Technically, the eBook requires an HTML5 capable web browser. It should work on any device that meets this criteria and has an internet connection, and we’ve tested it on a number of devices.

The underlying technology and eBook reader is purchased from a world leader in the field which provides eBook services to Oracle, Cisco, Nissan and Harvard University, to name a few.

Buying the Physical Book after Purchasing the eBook

When you purchased this eBook, you had the choice of buying the eBook, the physical book or both as a bundle. If you chose to buy the eBook only, and later decide you would also like a physical copy of the book, then that’s not a problem. Contact us, tell us where you’d like the book sent, and we’ll provide an invoice for the bundle price (less what you’ve already spent on this eBook) plus shipping. 

Bundles only apply to the same book title. For example, you buy the Essential Touring Car RC Racer’s Guide eBook and wish to buy the Essential Touring Car RC Racer’s Guide physical book.

Logging In

You may login to this eBook from up to three (3) different devices. For example, your computer, your tablet and your phone. You should only need to login once to each if you tick the Remember Me box when you login. You must not share your login details with others.

Should you replace one of your devices, contact us and it will be reset so that you may login from your new device.